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Space4Shoots - Studio 1

Space-4-Shoots is a fully equipped rental studio in Manhattan for photo & video shoots, castings, makeup workshops, fashion shows, and seminars.  All our studios are 40' long, offering a generous shooting distance and ample working space.  We cater to both established and up-and-coming designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and fine artists.

Open 24/7 (by appointment only).

Space4Shoots - Studio1 -

THE Studios

Our 7,000 sq ft facility with 12' ceilings contains a variety of studio options for shoots of any size.  From intimate one-on-one photo shoots to large fashion shows and art exhibits with 200+ guests, we have the space you need.

Rates as low as $30/hr!

Space4Shoots -D2s

Equipment rental

We offer Profoto strobe light and ikan LED constant light rental equipment, plus a variety of seamless paper options, hand-painted canvas, and accent furniture.  For rates & a full listing of equipment and props, click below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Space-4-Shoots is conveniently located in midtown on West 31st Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue. Send us an email for more information or to book your next shoot, casting, or event!                                               





All studios come equipped with:



Hair/Makeup Station

Clothing Rack



STUDIO 1 - Photo: $50/hr, $375/day.  Video:  $60/hr, $450/day
19’x40' Private Studio (our signature daylight studio).  Also for motion-only video (not sound quiet).
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STUDIO 2 or 3 - Photo: $40/hr, $300/day
16’x40' Semi-Private Studios
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STUDIO 2+3 - Photo: $80/hr, $600/day
33’x40' Semi-Private Studio
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STUDIO 4 - Photo: $50/hr, $375/day.  Video: $60/hr, $450/day
16’x40' Private Studio (for photography or motion-only video)
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STUDIO 6+7 - Photo: $100/hr, $750/day  Video: $120/hr, $900/day
33’x40' Private Studio

Rental Terms

  1. 2 hr minimum for weekday bookings (Mon-Fri) - 4 hr minimum for weekends (Sat-Sun).

  2. All bookings begin & end on the hour (not on the half hour).

  3. All setup and breakdown must be within the booked time (and not before or after).

  4. Maximum of 9 attendees in single shoot spaces (total cast & crew, and not just at a given time). Larger productions MUST book a double shoot space.

  5. Additional $10/hr for bookings before 9am or after 6pm.

  6. Same day reservations are accepted when availability permits but incur an additional fee of $10/hr.

  7. Space must be reserved and booked in advance (no walk-ins). You can book directly online or for inquiries, email space4shootsbooking@gmail.com.

  8. Payment terms: 50% pre-payment to hold reservation with balance due at beginning of shoot.

  9. If your shoot is running behind schedule, please ask to extend your booking before the end of the shoot. It will be allowed if there is not another booking in the space. All additional time is in full hour increments.

  10. Space-4-Shoots is a smoke-free and alcohol-free work place.

Cancellation Policy

  1. For cancellation more than 7 days before shoot: 100% refund

  2. For cancellation 5-7 days before shoot: 100% credit towards a future shoot

  3. For cancellation 3-5 days before shoot: 75% credit towards a future shoot

  4. For cancellation 48-72 hours before shoot: 50% credit towards a future shoot

  5. For cancellation 24-48 hours before shoot: 25% credit towards a future shoot

  6. For cancellation within 24 hours before shoot: no refund or credit




(4) Strobe: Profoto D2 Air 500 WS monolight +$20

Includes: 1 stand, 1 standard light modifier, Profoto Air Remote

(3) Continuous: ikan Lyra Bi-Color Soft Panel 1x1 LED 3200-5600K, 850W Tungsten Equivalent +$15

(1) Continuous: Ledgo Bi-Color Flood Shoot Through 18.3” Ring Light (12” Shoot Through Diameter) +$5

Standard Modifiers

(2) 1'x4' Profoto RFi Strip Softbox

(1) 3' Profoto RFi Octa Softbox

(1) Profoto Zoom Reflector

(1) 39"x39" Elinchrom Square Softbox

(1) 39" Elinchrom Octa Softbox

(3) 20"x50" Elinchrom Strip Softbox

(2) 7" Reflector with Grids

(1) Snoot

(3) Westcott Parabolic Umbrella (white/black, silver, or diffusion)

(8) 36" Umbrellas

Specialty Modifiers

(1) 47" Elinchrom Litemotiv 120  +$15

(1) 3'x4' Profoto RFi Softbox  +$10

(1) 22" Beauty Dish with Grid & Diffusion Sock  +$10

(1) 17" Beauty Dish +$5

(1) 16" Beauty Dish with Grid & Diffusion Sock  +$5

Misc equipment

(1) Jiffy J-4000 Steamer  +$10

(6) V-flats  +$2

(2) C-stands  +$3

(1) Boom  +$5

(1) Tripod +$5

(3) Apple boxes

Assortment of stools

Assortment of flexfill reflectors

Seamless Paper

Space-4-Shoots provides 9' wide seamless background paper in various colors (you may request up to 3 colors for your shoot) as well as hand-painted canvas. The hand-painted canvas is not available in Studio 1.

All seamless paper is $5 setup plus $2/linear foot touching the floor. $10 setup if requested during the shoot.

We have the following available: White, Black, Fashion Gray, Canary Yellow, Baby Blue, Coral Pink, Eggnog, Orange, Primary Red, Tech Green, and True Blue.*

* Additional color options may be available upon arrival but are not guaranteed.



Accent Furniture

Space-4-Shoots has a collection of accent furniture available for shoots.  Rental prices below are per shoot.  No glitter or body oil allowed on accent furniture.

Book space

You can book your photo/video shoot or casting securely online (use our CONTACT FORM instead for pre-booking questions or to book an event):  

  1. Photo: From the list of "Photo:" options, select the number of hours you want to book and whether in a semi-private or a private studio. A semi-private studio is $40/hour and $300/day and a private studio is $50/hour and $375/day.
    Video: From the list of "Video:" options, select the number of hours your want to book.
    Note: There's a 2-hour minimum Mon-Fri, a 4-hour minimum Sat and Sunday.

  2. Select the date in the calendar and the time from the available options.

  3. Enter your name, email and your credit/debit card info to pay the 50% booking deposit (the balance is due at the beginning of your shoot (cash or +3% if by card).

Book Photo Shoot Space

Book Video shoot space

Book Casting Space


To all our clients: Let’s photo-flood Space-4-Shoots on Photella, the iPhone app that creates crowdsourced photo timelines. Post photos from your past bookings at the studio and for each photo you post, get $1 off your next booking (up to $100).



Here's how:

  1. Download Photella here for iOS (Android coming soon).

  2. There's no registration or login, but when you first run Photella, ALLOW it to access your location and to send you notifications.

  3. Tap on the “Me” tab and move the map to our location (31st street between 5th and Broadway).

  4. Tap on the “+” button and Photella will show you thumbnails of the photos you took at the studio.

  5. Tap on “Select” and then select the thumbnails you want to share.

  6. Tap on “Share These” and Photella will post them on Space-4-Shoot’s timeline! 

  7. You can add captions such as your name, Instagram info, etc.

Thanks in advance for photo-flooding Space-4-Shoots on Photella!

live Chat



Space-4-Shoots provides text and voice support via the VibeChat app for iPhone (and via the CallThere app for Android for the time being) .

To contact us, send a text message to 2531 in VibeChat, and you can also switch from text to voice as needed.

VibeChat is free; allows you to reach us from anywhere in the world for free; and allows our staff to reply to messages and calls wherever they are in the studio or outside.

Here's how:

1. Download VibeChat here for iOS or CallThere here for Android.
2. There's no registration or login, but when you first run the app ALLOW it to access your location.  It won't work otherwise. 
3. Start a new message and send it to 2531.  You'll hear from us very soon after.




Located in midtown on West 31st Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue.

Trains:  Harold Square B, D, F, M, N, Q, R & PATH.  Just two avenues from Penn Station.


Contact Us

Please fill out this form or email space4shootsbooking@gmail.com to inquire about a photo shoot, a video shoot, a casting, or an event.


Text/Voice:  If you want to speak to someone, first text us to 2531 in the VibeChat app for iPhone.

Name *
Please inidicate date and type of booking request (ie. "Photoshoot September 28")
Please include date, time frame, type of shoot, and total number of cast/crew.


Howard Schatz
Jeff Rojas
Marco Ovando
Oye Diran
Shane Suban

ABC 20/20
ABC/Marvel Jessica Jones
Impractical Jokers

Koin & Co Dancers

Ruben Blades (musician)
Carmen Elektra (artist)
Zara Larsson (singer)


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